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All 5/22/2017

Changes made to the system over this past weekend (routine updates/release notes)

These pages have been updated to display up to 15 activity rows in the grid by default with an option to view more using the “View All” link for the Item Activity grid. The Payment Method for a payment activity will also be displayed:

  • Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Item Information > Item List, Item Activity tab 
  • Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Item Information > View/Update Item Details, Item Activity

These pages have been updated to display up to 15 activity rows in the grid by default with an option to view more using the “View All” link for the Item Activity grid. In addition, within each activity row it displays up to 15 Accounting Lines with an option to view more using the “View All” link for the Accounting Line grid:

  • Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Item Information > Item List, Item Accounting Entries tab 
  • Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Item Information > View/Update Item Details, Item Accounting Entries tab

Sponsored, PRF Number Search 
A new field has been added to the Maintain Proposal search page that will now provide the ability to search for a Proposal using a PRF Number. Grants > Proposals > Maintain Proposal 

The investment pools menu in Cash Management has been simplified to focus on the specific work needs of the deparmental users.

Vendor/ Supplier Maintenance 5/17/2017

Vendor/Supplier Setup

Due to the increase in volume of vendor setup and change requests, it is taking longer to get to each request. It may take between 5 and 10 business days to process vendor/supplier requests until the backlog clears.

All 5/10/2017

Fiscal Year-End FY17

The fiscal year-end calendar for FY17 is available now:

All 5/9/2017 Period 10 is now closed.
Budget 04/24/2017 Period 9 carryforward has been posted
All  04/24/2017

Changes made to the system over this past weekend (routine updates/release notes)

Payroll Accounting, encumbering calculation prorating additional pay against job data.

Corrections were made to the payroll encumbrance process to more closely align with payroll actuals processing of additional pay and leaves of absence (including sabbaticals). 

  • Will now prorate additional pay when an employee's appointment ends or begins in the middle of a pay period. 
  • Will no longer prorate employees whose additional pay ends or begins in the middle of a pay period but their appointment does not. 
  • Use of unpaid earn codes like TUP and SLU in additional pay will now reduce encumbrances. 
  • Leaves of absence activity entered in Absence Management will now be considered, (including sabbaticals). 
  • Unpaid leave activity will reduce REG earnings. 
  • All full or partially paid leave activity will be reflected using the LVL or LVP earnings code rather than REG. 

There will be no payroll encumbrance processing on Monday April 24 or Tuesday April 25. Processing will resume on Wednesday April 26 and updated payroll encumbrances will be available in reporting the following day.

Budget Justification link name display update  

Navigation: Grants > Awards > Project Budgets 
The Budget Justification link display was updated to "Justification" if a justification has been added to the budget row. If no justification exists for a budget row, the link will display as "Add Justification".

Billing customer contacts security updates to allow people to select links when they have View Only access to the component . 

Navigation: Customers > Customer Information > General Information: "General Info Links" 
Security was updated to allow people to select the "Contact Info" link (from the above navigation) for people with access to the Customer Request or Customer viewing activities. From this link people can access the Customer Contact Information to see email addresses associated to the contact or select the "Documentation" link from the Contact Customers link to see the preferred invoice delivery method (mail or email). Security was also updated to provide the ability to navigate directly to the Customer Contact Information pages to access this same information using Navigation: Customers > Contact Information.

Payroll Accounting, Retro Distribution

After submission on the Review/Approval page: 

  • Retros can now be deleted after submission as long as no workflow action or system processing has occurred. A delete button is now available on the UM Retro Distribution Review/Approval page. 
  • A direct retro can only be deleted by the person who submitted it. 
  • Auto-approved retros can only be deleted prior to system processing. 
  • Retros pending Certified Approver or effort approval cannot be deleted once an approver has completed a workflow action (approve or deny). 
  • Retros with a status of "Complete" cannot be deleted. 

Reminder, processing of direct retros in an approved status now occurs twice a day at 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

Unsubmitted direct retros are no longer available on the Review/Approval page. Previously, if a retro preparer failed to submit a direct retro, the retro ID was still returned in the search results on the UM Retro Distribution Review/Approval page. This caused confusion when viewing the direct retro as all accounting detail was highlighted yellow due to the missing information. Now when searching on the review/approval page, the unsubmitted direct retro will no longer appear in the search results nor will it display a "no results found" message. Preparers will need to return to the UM Retro Distribution Entry page and submit the direct retro.

All 04/24/2017 Original post

WebNow changes for those not on campus

Beginning Sunday April 23, 2017, people will be required to use VPN to access WebNow from off campus. This will primarily impact people when working from home or other non-University locations. WebNow has experienced a notable increase in off capus activity that appears to be hacking attempts. This change to require VPN use will ensure that access to University data from off campus is protected and secured. VPN is not required for users accessing WebNow from any of the University's official campuses.

Please visit the VPN website, to download a supported VPN client and access setup instructions. If you need further assistance with VPN or have questions about WebNow, please contact the Technology Help Service Desk (1HELP): or 612-301-4357.

Budgeting 04/20/2017
Original post

HR Data Refresh button has been corrected. The Budget office will be contacting users that may have been impacted.

UM Budgeting
Please refrain from pressing the HR Data Refresh button on the Positions page at this time.  The data is dropping one pay period from the Current FY Salary column.

Payroll Accounting 04/17/2017

NEW! Introducing mid-day direct retro processing 

Based on your feedback, a mid-day run of direct retro processing will now occur Monday through Saturday between 11am and 1pm. This will begin today, Monday April 17. All direct retros eligible for the mid-day processing must be in an approved status before 11am to be picked up by this batch. Any direct retros approved after that time will be processed in the nightly batch starting at 5pm. Although the direct retros have been processed in HRMS, they will not be available on UM Reports until the following day.

All 04/13/2017

Service Interruption for EFS Financial Helpline

During the week of April 24 the University Financial Helpline will be relocating within WBOB. We may not be able to offer phone assistance during our move. We will try to offer specific times as soon as a firm schedule is set. If we have any phone service intrruption, please email to open a self-service ticket.

All 04/11/2017

Period 9 now is Closed

Reporting 03/30/2017 UM Analytics - Finance GL Subject Area
Transactions posted to the ledgers in EFS yesterday, 3/29/2017, were not processed in the Finance GL subject area last night and are not available for financial analyses today. Transaction posted to EFS ledgers yesterday and today should be available in the Finance GL subject area for financial analyses tomorrow 3/31/2017.
External Sales 01/31/2017
for April 1, 2017

Mn Local Sales Tax Changes. The following new local sales and use tax will start on April 1, 2017: Lake County transit sales and use tax 0.5 percent. For more information about local sales and use taxes visit the Mn Department of Revenue website.

All 03/27/2017
For April 1 & 2

MyU and PeopleSoft applications will be unavailable Saturday and Sunday, April 1 and 2 

The systems will be unavailable as updates are made to the PeopleSoft development platform, PeopleTools, bringing it to version 8.55. This update helps our PeopleSoft systems remain stable and secure, and ensures that we retain vendor support. Please plan accordingly. Impacts:

  • MyU and PeopleSoft applications, and some applications dependent on them, will be unavailable while the update is in progress.
  • Since it is tax season, be aware that during the outage there will be no online access to W-2 and 1098-T forms. People are encouraged to download these forms in advance. Access will be restored April 2.
  • Aside from downtime during the weekend, no significant impact is expected and no action is required as a result of this update.
  • Extensive planning and testing has been completed.
  • Scheduling was coordinated with all U business areas.

During the weekend of April 1-2, updates will be available on the University’s Service Status page.

All 03/09/2017 Period 8 is now closed.
Payroll Accounting 02/21/2017 Additional Summer Faculty Earn Code for Research
In response to requests from the Finance user community, HR has provided an additional earnings code to help distinguish between research and instruction for summer earnings. Earnings code SSS is renamed to "Summer Session Instruction". The old earnings code SMR is active again and will be used for "Summer Session Research". These earnings codes are meant to be used only for summer session. More information about using these earnings codes will be included in the summer appointments instructional packet that will be distributed by HR in the spring.
Accounts Payable 02/16/2017

Monday is a banking holiday

Banks in the United States are closed on Monday. Per the University's usual procedure, payments will be generated tomorrow evening (Friday) for anything scheduled to pay on Monday.

All 02/16/2017

Accounts Payable batch processing did not run last night due to a system issue. Processing will resume again this evening.

Expense reports are impacted by this issue as well.

Payroll Accounting 02/15/2017

Retro Distributions did not process

Retro Distributions that were submitted Tuesday, February 14th were not processed in HRMS and sent to Finance. These transactions are not available on reports. Retro transactions will be processed today and available in reporting on Thursday, February 16th. Retro transactions in reporting are current as of Monday, February 13th. 

All 02/9/2017

Period is Closed

Period 7 is now closed

External Sales 01/31/2017 for April 1, 2017

Mn Local Sales Tax Changes
The following new local sales and use tax will start on April 1, 2017: Lake County transit sales and use tax 0.5 percent.
For more information about local sales and use taxes visit the Mn Department of Revenue website.

Payroll Accounting

Updated Feb 6, 2017

For 01/31/2017

Direct Retro Entry page and duplicate distribution lines - Resolved
A fix for this issue was pushed out on Friday night (February 3, 2017).

Orignial Message: When entering a direct retro that spans pay periods where an employee may have had a department or position change, the preparer will see two distribution lines representing the same combo code. The distribution lines will contain different pay period ranges, split at the point of department or position change. If both of the duplicated distribution lines are selected, upon saving the preparer will receive the error message: "Data being added conflicts with existing data." When this message is received, the direct retro is automatically deleted when leaving the page. System support staff are working on a solution. Until fixed, if you see duplicate combination codes separated only by pay period ranges, select only one range when completing the first retro, followed by a second retro to complete the remaining pay period range.

All 01/30/2017

Release notes from changes made over the weekend

Standard Bill Entry 
Navigation: Billing > Maintain Bills > Standard Billing > Address Link or Address Info in the drop down menu 
We have corrected an issue that was introduced during the PeopleSoft image upgrade in November. The Contact Name field will no longer be available for edit if the Attention To field value is blank. To have a contact name appear in the Bill To: section of an invoice, the standard business process is to select a contact from the Attention To drop down list. If the contact is not in the list, please complete a Customer Maintenance Request so the contact can be set up in EFS.

UM Inactive Combo Codes Report 
The goal of these changes is to ensure that the report returns results only if action is needed in distribution entry to prevent future payroll activity from distributing to the department's suspense chartstring (program 21853). The updated report is a useful tool to monitor invalid distribution data throughout the fiscal year, including the fiscal year end transition. To access the report in HRMS, navigate to the UM Payroll Accounting folder and select UM Inactive Combo Codes Report. This report is available to all those with the following roles: Distribution Entry, Retro Distribution Entry, and Certified Approver. People who do not perform one of these functions who still need to view Payroll Accounting data in HRMS may request the 'Payroll Accounting View' role through the HRMS online ARF process. This view-only role grants people the ability to view in HRMS submitted retros, distribution information, UM Invalid Combo Codes report, and various other payroll accounting informational pages.

UM Retro Distribution Entry 
These changes are meant to provide people with more information about the salary expenses they are moving, avoid confusion, and also prevent common processing errors at the point of entry. 

  • After selecting 'Get Distributions' on the Direct Retro Distribution page, the grid that displays will now show pay period range information for each employee record, earning codes, and combo code distribution line. New fields have been added to display first pay period begin date and number through last pay period begin date and number. This will make it easier to see which specific pay periods will be affected when adjusting a particular line. 
  • Pressing the 'Get Combo CD' button on the Direct Retro Adjustment page will now function the same way that it does on the Distribution Entry page. Previously, the Direct Retro Adjustment page presented a 'Multiple Combo Codes Found' error in situations where the chartfields entered were correct but other optional chartfields existed. Going forward, any chartfields with no value entered will be interpreted as a blank, rather than a wildcard when retrieving the combination code. 
  • People will now be prevented from entering a retro for an individual whose corresponding job code, position, or Department ID is inactive for the date range in question. The message will say 'The line you have chosen has an inactive job code, position number and/or HR DeptID.' Before proceeding, the underlying job code/position number/DeptID must be activated for the affected time period. Contact HR to resolve the issue, and then the retro can be entered normally.
Req reparers and approvers 1/25/2017 Today is the last day to create, approve, and fully process a VCPS. The new procedure for these types of payments is now to use the non-PO-related payment process. See the email sent on January 9 with the subject line: VCPS process being eliminated.
JE preparers and approvers 1/25/2017

Accounting Services has noted an increase in University departments using the adjusting periods in the General Ledger (915, 921, 922, etc.) for journal entries. Adjusting periods in the General Ledger are for Accounting Services use only. The only exception is at year-end when departments can use Period 913 only. Journal entries posted to these periods will be stopped from posting or reversed and deleted. Please make sure you are using the appropriate period for all journal entries. Thanks for your understanding an assistance.

All 1/11/2017

Period is Closed

Period 6 is now closed.

Payroll 1/10/2017 Update on direct retro processing
All direct retros from Friday, December 30th and Monday, January 2nd have been manually processed to the General Ledger and are now available on UM Reports. All pending direct retros since January 5th were sent for processing last night.  However, due to the high volume of outstanding direct retros, not all were completed. As a result, any remaining retros will be processed in tonight's batch and available on UM reports tomorrow. If you have any questions, please contact the University Financial Helpline at 4-1617.
Payroll 1/5/2017 Direct retro processing on hold until 1/9/2017
An issue was discovered that prevented retros submitted and approved between Friday, December 30th and Monday, January 2nd, from being processed to the General Ledger.  These direct retros will display a status of complete in HRMS, but are not available on financial reports. We have resolved the original issue, but manual steps must be taken to process the missing direct retros.  As central completes these steps, all direct retro processing will be on hold until Monday, January 9th. This is to avoid further data complications due to additional retro activity. Departments can continue to enter direct retro's, however, they will remain in a pending status until Monday.   
External Sales


For 1/1/2017

Notification of new local sales and use taxes

The following new local sales and use taxes will start on January 1, 2017:

For more information visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue's local tax information web page.

11/21/16 update: The Fergus Falls local sales and use tax of 0.5 percent will be ending on December 31, 2016. See the Fergus Falls General Notice (pdf) for more information.

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